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Best things to do for nature lovers…


Wondering what are the best activities to do around Monteverde?

Here you have the top 5 for nature lovers!

1. Natural History Tour at Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

On this tour, you will learn all about the cloud forest and its importance to the ecosystem.

There are chances of spotting wildlife, however, that’s not the primary focus of this tour.

For wildlife watching, please refer activities 2 and 4 below…

This tour is $37/Adult and $27/Kid (below 18) + transportation ($25 for 4 people).

You can pay by credit card and after the tour, you can stay and hike some more on your own!

The Monteverde Cloude Forest Reserve is conveniently located at just 3KM from Hotel El Bosque.

There is a public bus that goes there (and stops right at the hotel’s entrance) at:

6:15am, 7:30am, 9:30am, 1:20pm and 3:20pm.

2. Night Wildlife Tour at El Bosque Trails

On this tour, you will hike (light hike) for 2 hours (6pm to 8pm) in primary cloud and rainforest.

The primary objective of this tour is to spot wildlife (80% of animals and insects are nocturnal).

You can see lots of sleeping birds, cool leave insects, walking sticks, tarantulas, snakes…

Our guide will provide flashlights.

Note: There is never a guarantee with nature.

Some nights there will not be so many animals out there…

This tour is $25/Adult, $23/Student and $18/Kid.

You can only pay for this one in cash.

Transportation is not required as it happens on-site.

3. Hanging Bridges Tour at Selvatura Park ($45and $35)

This tour is primarily focused on watching vegetation and canopy of cloud forest trees.

There are 5 suspended bridges (and hiking trails between each other) for a total of 3KM.

This tour is $45/Adult, $40/Student and $35/Kid when you go on a group with a guide or…

$30, $25 and $20 for the entrance to go on your own.

You can pay by card and transportation is free.

4. Bird Watching Tour around Hotel El Bosque

Our propery has 23-acres of private forest and 60% of it is primary).

This creates a perfect natural environment for bird watching.

We have a tracker with more than 100 bird species we have spotted so far!!!

This tour is a hike (light hike) for 3 hours (6am to 9am) around the property.

This tour is $35/Adult, $33/Student and $28/Kid.

You can only pay for this one in cash.

Transportation is not required as it happens on-site.

5. Curicancha Reserve

This is a very unique type of forest (rainy shadow forest).

Curicancha is famous for the Quetzal. There is never a guarantee, but you almost always see this amazing, mythological bird here during the mornings.

The entrance fee is $14/Adult and $12/Student/Kid.

Also, a 4.5-hour bird watching tour is offered at $60/Person.

Curicancha is conveniently located at a 10-min slow-pace walk from Hotel El Bosque.

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