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Hanging Bridges – A true “sky walk”

A Hanging Bridge is a suspended bridge that connects from one point to another above the cloud forest.

This is one of the top activities to do around the Monteverde Area and a great way to experience the cloud forest at its heart.

Monteverde has 3 major parks that provide this service, varying in customer service levels, type of forest and price:

1. 100% Aventura Park: These hanging bridges are laced through secondary forest, however, the benefit about this park is that they provide a Guided Tour for only $30/Adult and $25/Kid*. Recommended if you would like to have a guided tour on budget.

2. Selvatura Park: Have the most amazing hanging bridges laced through primary forest. The cost without a guide is $30/Adult and $20/Kid*. The Guided Tour is $45/Adult and $30/Kid*.

3. SKY Adventures Park: Has the most “fancy” bridges (not necessarily as impressive as the Selvatura ones, though) laced through primary forest, and it’s a little more pricey: $37/Adult + transportation and $37/Kid + transportation.

Should you go with a Tour Guide or without one?

This really depends on your objective…

Do you want to simply take it easy and walk at your own pace? …or…

Would you prefer to go with a group and learn more about the cloud forest? (increasing the chances of spotting birds as you go…)

With or without a Tour Guide, Hanging Bridges is a great life experience you can’t miss.

And at Hotel El Bosque, we will be more than happy to make reservations for you to secure your spot!

Enjoy the experience and let us handle the details for you. We’re here to help! 😉


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