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Hotel El Bosque – A place to surround yourself with nature!

Hotel El Bosque is a family-run hotel with only 25 rooms, located right in the heart of a 23-acre private forest with lots of wildlife and miles and miles of hiking trails to get lost on!

What makes Hotel El Bosque unique is the passion for nature and service that our staff has.

We have one mission and one mission one:

To be remembered for our passion for service and for the amazing forest we have and love.

Our gardens are super beautiful, full of flowers, birds and other animals which make us more like a national park with beds, rather than a hotel.

Our rooms are pretty simple, and they represent the simple life of Monteverde, where the focus is more on the outside (the beautiful nature that surrounds us) than on the rooms themselves.

Our location is very convenient, we’re away from the noise, tucked away in our little piece of heaven, but still pretty close to all basic services.

We have the following services at walking distance:

Tramonti Italian restaurant (2 minutes walk from our rooms).

Cabure Argentinian restaurant (5 minutes).

CASEM Typical Soda (2 minutes).

Stella’s Bakery (2 minutes).

Vegetarian restaurant (2 minutes).

Monteverde Coffee Center (2 minutes).

Wholefoods Store (1 minute).

Curicancha Reserve (5 minutes).

Monteverde Cheese Factory (5 minutes).

Bat Jungle (3 minutes).

Additionally, we’re right in between the Santa Elena “down town” and the Monteverde Biological Reserve (3km away from each other…). A taxi to Santa Elena is just about $6 each way and to the Reserve is $12.

So we are in the middle of nowhere but still close to everything!

We are truly surrounded by nature! And we loooove this!!! 🙂


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