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Taxi-Boat-Taxi from La Fortuna (Arenal) to Monteverde

If you are traveling from Arenal to Monteverde (or the other way around) and you do not have a car, this modality of shared transportation is for you.

The Taxi-Boat-Taxi (also known as JBJ, short for Jeep-Boat-Jeep as it was originally called in the early 1990s) is a transportation network that connects Arenal and Monteverde. A shuttle company will pick you up at your departure lodge and will take you to Arenal Lake, then you will take a boat to cross the lake, and finally, another shuttle will pick you up there to take you to your next lodge. This works both ways, from Arenal to Monteverde and the other way around. The cost is typical $25 cash per person and it runs twice a day.

If you need help making arrangements for this type of transportation, send us a quick email ([email protected]) or give us a call (+506-2645-5158) and we will happily assist you (even if you are not staying in our lodge).

Traveling From Arenal to Monteverde

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