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Zip Lining (Canopy Tour) in Monteverde

Zip Lining is one of the most popular activities to do in Monteverde.

The reason is simple; Monteverde has the best Zip Lines in all Latin America.

Zip Lines consist of a pulley suspended on a cable (usually made of stainless steel), mounted on a slope.

It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to, or attaching to, the freely moving pulley.

Zip Lines come in many forms, most often used as a means of entertainment.

Costa Rica (especially Monteverde) is pretty popular for this adventure thrill ride.

Monteverde has 4 major parks that provide this service, varying in intensity levels and ranging from $50 to $80 per Adult and $35 to $50 per Kid:

1. 100% Aventura Park: Featuring a friendly staff, personal service and the longest Zip Line in all Latin America, Aventura has 19 platforms spiced with a Tarzan Swing, a 15m Rappel and a Superman Zip Line that makes you feel like you are flying, laced through secondary forest. Rate: $50/Adult, $40/Kid. This rate includes it all… The Superman Zip Line, the Rappel and the Tarzan Swing. This is the one we recommend for those who want to try an all-in-one adventure at a very affordable price.

2. Selvatura Park: Featuring the biggest park in Monteverde, Selvatura has 3km of cables, 18 platforms and a Tarzan Swing over a stretch of the beautiful primary cloud forest. This is the one we recommend for families as it is not so extreme and it also has a butterflies garden and a humming bird’s garden.

3. Extremo Park: Featuring the most adrenaline-addled Tarzan Swing (60m/196.8ft) in the area and a super crazy Bungee Jump (143m/469.1ft), Extremo is the most extreme adventure park in the area, also laced through secondary forest. Rate: $50/Adult, $35/Kid. This rate does not include the Tarzan Swing, the Superman Cable, and the Bungee.

This is the one we recommend to those who look for extreme Tarzan Swings and Bungee Jumps!

4. SKY Adventures Park: Featuring the fastest Zip Lines (that make you fly as fast as 64km/h or 39.8mph) and a Tram, Sky is laced through primary forest and offers a Zip Lining experience that includes a 25-min ride on the Tram to reach to the first cable. Rates: $77/Adult, $77/Kid.

This is the one we recommend for those who are looking for speed.

Here, at Hotel El Bosque, we will happily make your reservations to secure you have a spot with any of the above Tours. We just need to make a quick phone call and fill out a quick form (which our staff does for you) to make it happen.

The above providers also offer transportation when we call them to make a reservation on your behalf, so they will come to pick you up and then to drop you off. The first three providers give you free transportation, while SKY will have an additional fee of $7.5 per person (which accounts for the transportation from and to our hotel).

The pick-up times are usually around 7 am (first tour), 10 am (mid-morning tour) and 12 pm (afternoon tour) and 2 pm (last tour).

One last tip:

During High Season, these tours can sell out quickly (i.e. a day or two in advance) and during the Off Season they may require advanced notice, so we recommend that you can contact us (via email at [email protected]) to make reservations on your behalf to secure your spot.

Enjoy the Zip Line experience. Let us care of the reservations for you. We’re here to help! 😉

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